Meet the Pros

Meet the Pro's

At Wycombe Heights Golf Centre, we have a team of fully qualified PGA professionals that are available 7 days a week to help enhance and assist you.

Should you need any further information that is not provided on the website, please feel free to contact us.

Robin Cheng, Head Professional

Robin Cheng, Head Pro

Robin has been coaching for close to 10 years now and has taught from complete beginner to professionals.
Robin’s view on coaching is that the coach should be a fountain of knowledge but be able to relay very simplistically only the small droplets that the golfer needs to make the lesson or the programme successful. Robin believes that a good understanding and communication between the coach and golfer is vital in order for progression to be made and buying into the ethos of what is trying to be taught!

Robin generally teaches more longer term programmes in order for the golfer to commit to continuous improvement as well as for the coach to commit to a longer term development of the player rather than just quick fixes!

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Dr. Noel Rousseau, Advanced PGA Professional

Noel Rousseau, Wycombe Heights Golf Centre, High Wycombe

Noel is a specialist coaching professional who takes pleasure in guiding any level of golfer to a better game. His coaching ranges from engaging beginner's classes, through to elite level coaching on a number of performance related areas. Noel's research has been in the area of motor learning, specifically aimed at improving how we learn and perform the golf swing. Coaching with Noel is well structured and designed to help you develop a solid technique while also building the necessary co-ordination skills required to play the game.

Michael McCarthy, Assistant PGA Professional

Michael McCarthy, Wycombe Heights Golf Centre, High Wycombe

Michael joined us from Harleyford Golf Club in January 2016. He is a strong technical coach who likes to look at the big picture. Michael enjoys coaching players of all abilities and observing not only their improvement, but their increased enjoyment of the game. Michael uses V1 video coaching software to model techniques used by the world's best professionals. Michael turned professional with a handicap of +2 and is currently enrolled on the PGA Foundation Course at Birmingham University.

Joe Joiner, Assistant PGA Professional

Joe Joiner, Wycombe Heights Golf Centre, High Wycombe

Joe first played at Wycombe Heights as a junior at the age of 5 and, after playing in County and National competitions, returned as an Assistant Professional in 2013. Now in his final year of the PGA Foundation Degree at Birmingham University, Joe's main teaching focus is the further development of our highly successful junior programme through the expansion of our Par 3 Club and taking golf into schools.

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