Green Fees

Green Fees

The Main Course and the Short Course at Wycombe Heights Golf Centre are open to the public seven days a week.  Visitors can book a tee time up to 7 days in advance by telephone or up to 8 days in advance if booking online. 

Main Course: Weekend and Bank Holidays

Weekend  Before 2pm  2-4pm After 4pm 
Visitor  £32 £32 £32
Playercard  £29 £22 £15
Online  10% Discount  10% Discount 10% Discount 

Main Course: Monday - Friday

Weekday  Before 2pm  2-4pm After 4pm
Visitor  £27 £27 £27
Playercard  £24 £18 £15
Online  10% Discount 10% Discount 10% Discount

Short Course: Weekend and Bank Holidays

Visitor  £15
Playercard  £14
Online  10% Discount


Short Course: Monday to Friday

Visitor £13
Player Card £12
Online  10% Discount

**For services, junior & senior rates please call to book

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Player Card, Wycombe Heights Golf Centre, High Wycombe

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Visitor Information

Visitors should register at reception at least 30 minutes before their tee time.  Green fees must be paid before starting play.  If approached by a course warden, players must show a validated scorecard.  All players must have their own set of golf clubs.  No club or bag sharing is permitted.  Visitors are politely asked to follow the following course care and etiquette guidelines;

  • Replace divots and repair pitchmarks
  • Rake over bunkers after use
  • Do not take trolleys onto the tees or greens
  • Local signs must be observed
  • Leave greens promptly upon completion of the hole
  • Please be considerate to other course users and avoid slow play at all times
Green Fees, Wycombe Heights Golf Centre, High Wycombe


Off-Peak rates do not guarantee completing a full round of golf. Senior rates are for players aged 60 and over. Junior rates are valid for players aged 17 and under and are not available on the Main Course before 1pm at weekends or on Bank Holidays.  Please arrive at the Golf Shop to check in at least 20 minutes before your tee time. During peak times we operate a strict 3 and 4 ball policy and 2 balls will be paired up.  Any paired 2 balls must continue to play with their paired group throughout their round.  All prices are subject to change without prior notice.  For full information, visitor our terms and conditions page.